Spelling Bee 2023

In keeping with our commitment to life-long learning and support for public education – and our desire to have fun in the pursuit of these endeavours – we again participated in the Literacy Society of the North Okanagan’s annual Spelling Bee.   This was the 14th such event and as usual, it was well-organized, well-attended and challenging for most of us.  A bonus this year was entertainment provided by the City of Vernon sponsored “Zombees” whose team (the TKH Dance ) treated us to their rendition of the dance Thriller, thrillingly costumed in expression of their team name.  This group were also runners up for best costumes.  See the pictures below to get part of the visual impact of the event.

A shout-out to the wonderful people at the Literacy Society and all the sponsors for a terrific happening!  https://www.literacysociety.ca/

For your edification (or just plain fun), here are this year’s words.  If you want to test yourself, have a friend read them to you, one at a time, and only give you a minute to write out the word.  You can also read about last year’s event and check out the challenging words by clicking here.   

Round One:

  1. hemorrhoid
  2. chassis
  3. orangutan
  4. kitsch
  5. melee

Round Two:

  1. psilocybin
  2. torque
  3. jacquard
  4. fuchsia
  5. quinoa

Round Three:

  1. ayahuasca
  2. staphylococci
  3. sequoia
  4. ukulele
  5. cantankerous

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